Conferences & performances

This year, Spannabis conferences will be held within the World Cannabis Conferences at the Cornellà Auditorium (direct access from Spannabis)wcc2016



11:00 - 12:00

ZMB is a marching band with experience since 2012. They´ve played all over the country from el Garraf to Puigcerdà, from Tarragona to el Empordà, passing through Barcelona, Gracia, Mallorca, Mollet, Moià, Arbícies, and Gelida. They are trumpets, trombones, sax, tubas and percussion. Their repertoire combines contemporary pop hits, classics funk cuts, reggae hits… to make the crowd move till their exhausted. ZMB has a diverse crew of musicians, who have played or play with bands like Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Big Jamboree, Buhos, Els Amics de les Arts, Kayo Malayo, Alejandro Sanz, Guillamino, Los Barrankillos, Soweto...


dream tripDREAMTRIP
12:30 - 14:00

By departing from the musical standards that we are used to, these natural music elements turn this band into a powerful and energetic act. This huge tribal spirit creates unforgettable collective dance moments.

Im from a mixed race background with an Iraqi father and French mother, born in London with mixed faiths/religions at home.

Dreamtrip comes from various corners of the globe, incorporating spiritual cyber sounds, and chill out ambient grooves in his repertoire.

He has been involved in the electronic rave and chill out scene from 1995 up till now, spanning the globe, and spreading love for the masses from Orlando Florida, Dubai, in the United arab Emirates, Maastricht in the Netherlands, to currently residing in London.Dreamtrip released a mixed chill out ambient album in 2016 "Bright Lights, Dark Rooms..

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stonerbrujoiDJ Stonermanbrujo
15:30 - 16:30

Stonermanbrujo aka Brujo Selektah. Soundsystem of all black music ( Jamaican and American) since 2009.
He´s performed in France and in Spain in festivals and Tradeshows like Expogrow where he played during the awards in 2015, Rototom, Lagata Reggae Festival, Periferias, cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Irun or Zarautz, and all over Aragon.
During 2012 he was the resident DJ of La Traviesa Club in the Canfranc Sky Station. First dj to ever play reggae and dancehall in the Pyrenees of Aragón.
He backs live performances of Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall artists. Spanish DJ to expand his music through the biggest clubs on a national scale.
Sponsored by BlockShop Shop (BCN) and GreenHouse / StrainHunters




16:00 - 16:30

Meet Zoro, South Africa's reggae roots ambassador! He has a long history in the reggae scene in Cape Town, and have made hit tunes from Cape Town to Sweden such as: "far away from home" and "azania"

He is now located in Barcelona advocating South Africa's reggae music , with his aim to inspire the Ghetto youths and spreading his conscious music world wide. Growing up in the ghetto of guguletu, Cape Town, this music of truth is close to his heart. From being shot to loosing his voice Zoro still persist to promote and forward the message of Nelson Mandelas, peace! equality! and unity! Sometimes singing in Mandelas native language isiXhosa makes him different and unique than most African reggae artists. With raw voice, soulful melodies and smart lyrics. Zoros music is taking this message further and make conscious and uplifting music for the people all over the world.

Recently he made a tribute to Howard Marks/Mr Nice and recorded several tunes for the documentary "misunderstood Medicine" advocating the amazing , healing and important Cannabis plant.



17,00 - 18:00

Mapuxe Sound are from the Valparaíso region in Chile and form a music collective of reggae roots dub dancehall rap hip hop and world music. They have much experience in reggae music since they have played many events, parties and cool galleries.

They have played in Ganja Time, Spannabis in 2013 and 2014 for Eva Seeds, THC Cup Valencia, Secret Cup Ibiza, and Rototom.
During the week you can find them at the coolest venues in Barcelona such as Boombastic XPressing Underground club, sala Bart, City Hall. Also at many cannabis clubs.
If you want to enjoy good music and good vibes count on dj Mapuxe Sound. Official Grassroots Europe DJ. You´ll want to repeat!



littlepepeLITTLE PEPE
18:30 - 19:30

If we are talking about Spanish Reggae, without a doubt Little Pepe is one of the most respected artists on a national and international scale.

His professional career in music started with Shabu and Germaica Iberia (subsidiary of the German label Germaican) to put out a split album called “Compartiendo”. This record had a great acceptance in Spain which resulted in a 25 date tour including huge events like Viñarock 2010 with the German band The Germaicans.

A year later he put his first solo record, “De Malaga hacia el mundo” (Germaica Iberia 2011) A mature record in which Little Pepe consolidates his career. If up until then he had already collaborated with a large part of the national scene of both Reggae and Hip Hop (Morodo, SFDK, Sicario (Hablando en Plata), Triple XXX..) with this record he decides to go even further, collaborating with a wide variety of producers and singers worldwide: Black Milk (USA), Daddy Mory – Raggasonic (France), General Levy (UK), New Kingston (Jamaica), Rebellion the Recaller (Gambia).


12:30 - 13:30

Captivated by the sound of the Hang, musician Ravid Goldschmidt, after acquiring his first Hang in 2002, retired for a while to the desert, where its silence and peaceful environment allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the Hang. Afterwords, he went to Switzerland to work and learn from the builders of the Hang to gain insight on the manufacturing and tuning techniques.

Currently, Ravid is one of the figureheads of the HandPan worldwide, with crucial input on technique, he developed a method of playing which he has lectured about all over the world, while also collaborating with musicians such as: Carles Benavent, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Toni Xuclà, Matthew Barley, Danny Keane, YoYo Buys, Preston Heyman, among others. Ravid has played on the stage of events like: Wiener Konzerthaus (Austria), Bozar – Brussels (Belgium), Town Hall & Symphony Hall – Birmingham (UK), Stockholms Konserthus (Sweden ), Laeiszhalle – Hamburg (Germany), The Sage Gateshead – New Castle (UK), Bohemiajazzfestival – Prague (Czech Rep), Auditori de Barcelona (España), Palacio de Congresos Madrid  (España),  TED  (ideas worth spreading). One of his new projects is Oval, the fist digital HandPan, which he is the co-founder.


16:00 - 17:00

Karlixx is one of the most well-known do/producer ´s in the jungles scene in Spain.

Master and creator of an unmistakable DJ style, based upon blending raggajungle and neurofunk, popular by creating unique and original mashups for reggae and electronic music lovers. It all started 2004, when some reggae and drum&bass records made their way to his hands. Since then, he´s been blessing us with his personal sets, filled with strong double drops, frenetic mixes and a carefully polished technique over years of experience and passion towards his music.

One of the numba one Spanish Dj´s in the drum'n’bass and jungle scene. A pleasure for the ears since the first minute of his sets, always loaded with the most danceable beats and positive vibes.


17:00 - 18:00

Chalart58 is a Dub music Project that works sound and production at La Panchita studio, recording live to a 22-channel mixer adding different sound effects to mix it all. There are accompanied live by Matah on the mic, singing and freestyling over the beats. Classy Horns are the wind section which will make the stage rumble with their melodies of Chalart58 beats.

We share our music and we make each set different depending on the energy we receive and give back to the audience.



19:00 - 20:00


Olive Tree Dance are a trio with strong lively energy, that plays a fusion of Latin, Jazz and Afro Brazilian styles and combines these ancient sounds with the contemporary rhythms of technoland. This blend creates a vibrating and original organic dance music, featured by irregular tempos and tasty grooves.

This uplifting, energy–boosting sound is composed exclusively by a regular set of drums, percussions and a didgeridoo - no sound effects, samplers, overdubbing nor digital instruments are being used. All music is generated from 100% organic, natural instruments, extreme enthusiasm and vibrating positive energy.


11:30 - 14:30

This year Luv Messenger and Bundem Squad with a new dance squad, come together for a project in which they will represent Jamaican Culture and dancehall bringing the party and energy to all who want to share it with them.

Luv Messenger is Rudeteo, Franz, Supa Lion and Don Rolando. This sound was born in 2007, after many years of hard work and experience in their individual careers, LM offers a show with a very particular style, of high quality and for all tastes which give place for a new sound in the city of Barcelona.

Good music lovers will rejoice, as they can bump classic reggae anthems to the newest dancehall, Trap, Hip Hop o Soca. Their high energy sets in contact with their audience make their performances unforgettable nights.

Founders and residents of the reggae party Ragga Swagga and with RudeTeo also residents on Wednesdays at Caníbal at Apollo since 2012.

Bundem Squad is a Dancehall crew created in 2009 as a reference for Jamaican dance. Noe Soft and Mayadana dance have been involved in the Reggae-Dancehall scene of this city for years, as well as the cannabis world. They have collaborated with a large number of collectives and clubs to promote the expansion of these cultures in this country.


17:15 - 17:45

Costa´s trajectory comes from way back. Being a part of crucial hardcore bands of the Spanish scene such as Versvs, his first solo Hip Hop LP from 2004 was Chocolate on the Gamberros Pro label. Since then, Morfina was a vital step with videos shot in NYC and a different and unheard of brutal soundscape. In Bestia, he started his journey towards electronic textures with his new producer Ikki. Bestia opened doors for a broader audience which consolidated for his last LP INMORTAL, thanks to its powerful lyrics and beats with the support of his new label Grimey Music. Music and message, accompanied the artist´s energy and legit videos shot in Jamaica, USA and Spain. Millions of views and hundreds of shows later, Costa returns to establish himself at the top of the scene with his new singles Utopia and Diablo. For many the father of the New School, Costa is more notorious and has more exposure than ever and his sound proves that after 10 years, Costa sounds louder than ever.

(Zatu, Gordo Master y Little Pepe)
18:00 - 19:00

Zaturnino Rey, also known as el Zatu (SFDK), Gordo Master and Little Pepe will premiere their new showcase “Positronic Vibes” at the outdoor stage at Spannabis Barcelona 2017, Sunday March 12th at 6:00 pm, right before the Award ceremony. Here at Positronics Seeds we want to keep sharing our special editions, which include the CD´s Positronics Vibes 1 and new Vol.2 as a gift when you purchase a 6 unit seed pack from any of the strains endorsed by the artists: the new sativa “Chizpa by Zatu”, the indica “ Gordo Master Kush by Gordo Master” or the sativa “ One Love Haze by Little Pepe”.

Music and marihuana to enjoy while you grow and smoke, to spark up and go straight to the cloud and get overwhelmed by that positronic live energy. For the live show, they will have Niggaswing, the producer of both volumes, to play a set with the tracks that accompany those strains and other tracks of the 14 that are included in the CD, available free download at and our YouTube channel, Positronicseeds.


djramblaDJ RAMBLA
19:00 - 20:00

Dj Rambla, popular Dj of the Catalan scene with many performance all over the country, resident of well-known venue Mama Mandawa and member of Suruma Sound System.

Dj Rambla has been able to make a spot for himself in the cannabis scene for having a strain with his name. In his record bag he has a great variety of exclusive tracks from important reggae artists (General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Morodo among others) naming Dj Rambla and his beloved plant.

He has also won a Cannabis Cup and usually performs at tradeshows, competitions and Cannabis Clubs.

His sets are always active and fun and he focuses on reggae but showing little hints of Rap, Jungle, Balkan or Electro-Swing among other styles.


Si hablamos de Reggae en español, sin duda Little Pepe es uno de los artistas más respetados tanto a nivel nacional como internacional.

Su andadura profesional en la música empieza junto a Shabu y Germaica Iberia (filial de la discográfica alemana Germaican Records) para sacar un split album llamado “Compartiendo”. Dicho álbum tuvo una gran aceptación dentro de nuestro país, llevándolo a hacer una gira de más de 25 fechas y pasando por grandes eventos como el Viñarock 2010, acompañado por la banda alemana The Germaicans.

Un año más tarde se lanzaba con su primero disco en solitario, “De Malaga hacia el mundo” (Germaica Iberia, 2011). Un disco maduro en el que Little Pepe consolida su carrera. Si hasta la fecha ya había colaborado con gran parte de la escena nacional, tanto de reggae como hip hop (Morodo, SFDK, Sicario, Triple XXX...) en este disco decide ir más allá, colaborando con una gran variedad de productores y cantantesde la escena internacional: Black Milk (Estados Unidos),Daddy Mory y Raggasonic (Francia), General Levy (Inglaterra), New Kingston (Jamaica) o Rebellion the Recaller (Gambia), entre otros.