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Dinafem Seeds is a seed bank that trades internationally the best selection of marijuana seeds, its own and from other banks. From their origins as growers, they have investigated the genetics of plants until getting marijuana seeds appreciated throughout the world.

The catalog of Dinafem Seedscovers almost a hundred genetics. Among them, a wide selection of feminized varieties, which have been making history since 2005, with flagships as representative as Moby Dick or Critical +. Otherwise, a line of autoflowering plants, developed from 2008 to give a solution to the cannabis growers who faced hard climatic environments or cold and short summers.

In addition, and as a natural consequence of a permanent innovation, they have a seed line with high levels of CBD. Thus, their genetics are open to a wider public, which is not used to consuming very powerful genetics, and also offer strains whose cannabidiol ratios meet the needs of patients who require this cannabinoid for their ailments. In 2018 they have released a new line, the Quick, with feminized varieties of faster flowering.

The exhaustive analysis of the genetics that they commercialize, and their shipments to practically all the countries in the world, make this bank of cannabis seeds one of the most valued for cannabis growers around the world.










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