"Art and Cannabis: Creativity and inspiration converge in one zone. " 

 Since the beginning of times, cannabis has inspired many concepts related with creativity and human ingenuity: art, philosophy, architecture and music…Its footprint is present in the most unsuspected things in universal culture, although if you paid attention you could find the relation in broad daylight. From the monument to Colón in Barcelona to the famous “Muggles” by Louis Amstrong, our favorite plant make trivial things take a different color, rhythm and taste.

With this premise, Spannabis Madrid offers its attendants a space for cannabis creativity, where artists from different disciplines will turn this corner of the fair into an area of creation.



BeCartoon Spannabis low

Cannabis Caricatures with BeCartoon Live! 

Discover a fusion between portraits and cannabis, with a touch of humor and perhaps smoke.

Come to the art zone, show your good side and take home with you a unique fun and unforgettable memory!!!


Spannabis Madrid Ninjah ArtZone-03 LOW

Live Painting. Hosted by 'Hugo Elías 'Ninjah' 

Hugo Elías defines his art as "an introspective journey in search of full harmony between feeling, intuition and expression". Born in Brazil and settled in Barcelona, this young artist arrives in Spannabis with his live cannabis painting show.

Come to visit him and participate in the drawing of one of his works!


BodyPaint SpannabisLow

Body Paint: Pintura Corporal Cannábica 

Before the invention of pipes or other prehistoric tools, the human was applied pigments on his body to affirm his identity, belonging to his group and placed in relation to his environment. In Spannabis we want to recreate this art in the most cannabis way with the artist Esther Sagbal and you can witness it!


Iris Serrano

Iris Serrano: Colors, give me colors!

Iris Serrano is an artist and illustrator interested by dreamlike and murals, with conceptual and dedicated creations. She uses a mixed technique in a very clean way, including dry strokes, markers and water color painting to present the personality of her drawings. She owns a rich a coherent style, where the usage of symbolic color stands out many meanings.  On this occasion, Iris will show us her cannabis influences, she will be introducing an unexplored style on her paintings.

Come by the art zone and enjoy her live painting!





 artzone low

 13, 14 y 15 de Octubre. Spannabis Madrid 2017. Pabellón de Cristal (entreplanta)