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13th Friday  - 12:30 & 18:30

SoLo proposes a musical trip on hypnotic lowtech beats. Didjeridu and percussions make he spacecraft, simultaneously conducted by Señor Marküsen as a one-man-soundsystem. Inspired by electronic music, yet in a totally acoustic and real-time manner, he builds a theatrical mise en scène where solid, organic grooves move audiences worlwide to dance!

Marcos Andreu-Gasol is a musician and architect from Barcelona, currently based in Berlin. One of Spain’s referential didjeridu players, he has developed an informative and educational career on the instrument and the culture from which it anciently comes from, teaching, giving lectures and performing internationally since 2002


ravinRavid Goldschmidt & Victor Carol
13th Friday – 17:00h

Captivated by the sound of the Hang, musician Ravid Goldschmidt, after acquiring his first Hang in 2002, retired for a while to the desert, where its silence and peaceful environment allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the Hang. Afterwords, he went to Switzerland to work and learn from the builders of the Hang to gain insight on the manufacturing and tuning techniques.

Currently, Ravid is one of the figureheads of the HandPan worldwide, with crucial input on technique, he developed a method of playing which he has lectured about all over the world.

Victor Carol has been playing the didgeridoo in a profesional way for nearly 20 years and dedicates part of his time to its teaching, he was one of the pioneers in consolidating the instrument in Barcelona. He participated in two editions of the international festival Didgeridoo Tribals, as a solo player and also as a member of a fuzion flamenco band called Bazaar. Together with Arthur Lanz he has created one of the international bands of street music with greater international projection, making out of it: MAB (Minimal Acoustic Band) an icon of Barcelona-music.


organicAlvaroots from Organic Roots Crew Madrid
14th Saturday – 12:00h

Alvarooots is a young sound technician who is part of Organic Roots Crew, inspired by the roots of the 70´s & 80´s specially in vinyls.

Alvaroots will be delivering an exceptional experience where you will enjoy the progression of Roots Rock Reggae Dub in its whole essence. The show will count with high vibrations, unique and danceable rhythms and a great message in each song, Unity and Respect.




Nyahbinghi Dub feat. Koko Vega
Nyahbinghi14th Saturday  - 15:30h

We are a Sound System that was born 2010, when we started building our own dub systems. Based on the Rastafarian culture, we bring positive messages through vibrational music, representing roots and culture. The aim is to transmit a message of unity and brotherhood, lifting up prayers that create high vibrational energy following the philosophy of Jah Rastafari and Haile Selassie, of Words, Sound & Power. Reggae Roots Dub Wise. It's a must!

After several years of supporting the Sound System culture in Madrid, in the middle of 2012 we connected with some wonderful people and created the Organic Roots Festival. We were blessed with the support and the work from very positive people. The experience was so beautiful that we decided to create the Association Organic Roots.

Throughout all these years we have promoted the Sound System culture to transmit a positive, united message. Our Sound System has 3 Stacks with a total of 10 Scoops. We also have our own independent label Nyahbinghi Dub and Organic Roots Records, which already has several references in vinyl, edited, pressed and available in the best shops. In our sessions, you can enjoy an exclusive selection of vinyl music and original productions, and we also offer conferences with guest artists.



CheguesaraDon Fe feat. Cheguesara
14th Saturday - 17:00h

Don Fe: Selekta, live dub, flute and melodica.

British musician and producer who settled in the south east of Spain almost 25 years ago. Music has been his passion since he was 5 years old (studying piano, flute and music theory), and he discovered Reggae when he was 16. From his humble beginnings with four tracks in the 80s, his music has reached the dances of people like Iration Steppas, Channel 1 and Jah Shaka, as well as those of other figures from all over the world. All of his riddims come from his studio in Murcia.

Cheguesara: co-founder, singer and MC in Fall In Sound and Tonkawah Sound System

Over her 12-year career she has shared the line-up with top artists like Channel One, Aba Shanti I, Lyricson, Dub Inc, Dr Ring Ding, Don Fe, Prince Jamo, Naâman, Soom T, Conscious Sounds and many, many more. She has performed live in Paris (Peniche Alternat) together with Easy Style and Calaloo Sound System; Switzerland (Biel, at Coupole club); Ibiza (Discotheque Privilege) next to Cali P; as well as a tour of the south of Italy and participation in the Dub Station Corner at Rototom Sunsplash in 2010.



ENGINEDub Engine
14th Saturday - 19:00h

DUB ENGINE is a live and studio project created in 2009 by musicians Tux (dubmaster, fx) and Sabry (vocals, synth)from Bologna (ITA).Ruff bass, acid upbeat synths, infinite delays and tons of wobbles are the trademark of Engine’s sound, part of that newgeneration of dub coloured by various music genres: from roots-reggae to its electronic descendants like stepper, jungleand dubstep.

Deeply influenced by UK & French new millennium dub era, they started to evolve their live style towards a new “psychosteppa” way, an original dub musical expression where voices, effects and basslines explode in an intense high-impact psychedelic sound.

They’ve shared the stage with international dub artists like Zion Train, OBF, Alpha & Omega, Mad Professor, Martin Campbell, Jahtari, spreading their vibes in most of the festivals/clubs in Italy and Europe.


15th Sunday – 12:00h

Mr. Ishy starter to wonder about mixing around the year 1997 but is in 99 when he gets his first sound system and starts to become interested in mixing break beat sounds and UK Ragga after getting to know the work of the Londoner duo Freestylers.

It is in 2001 when he starts to organize his own parties with other DJ from his city and where he begins to incorporate new sounds to its sessions, from Hip Hop, Soul Funk or Reggae to Drum and Bass, Bossa Nova or Dancehall.

It is in a fantastic party at the Nasty disco in Malasaña where he incorporates the title “Free Bonus” to his diverse and fun sessions, and it is in this place where every Thursday he becomes the resident DJ for two years and thanks to the music colective Ritmo’N’Move he is in charge of animating Madrids’ music scene scaping from easy and commercial sounds that still nowadays chase us on the radios.

There is no doubt that this is a great opportunity to get to know a Little more about this sound variety, as a good friend used to say, “variety is the key to the taste”, and in this variety you can include all those sounds that remain to be explored.


littlepepeLITTLE PEPE & Dj Mecks
15th Sunday - 16:00h

If we are talking about Spanish Reggae, without a doubt Little Pepe is one of the most respected artists on a national and international scale.

His professional career in music started with Shabu and Germaica Iberia (subsidiary of the German label Germaican) to put out a split album called “Compartiendo”. This record had a great acceptance in Spain which resulted in a 25 date tour including huge events like Viñarock 2010 with the German band The Germaicans.

A year later he put his first solo record, “De Malaga hacia el mundo” (Germaica Iberia 2011) A mature record in which Little Pepe consolidates his career. If up until then he had already collaborated with a large part of the national scene of both Reggae and Hip Hop (Morodo, SFDK, Sicario (Hablando en Plata), Triple XXX..) with this record he decides to go even further, collaborating with a wide variety of producers and singers worldwide: Black Milk (USA), Daddy Mory – Raggasonic (France), General Levy (UK), New Kingston (Jamaica), Rebellion the Recaller (Gambia).

maddivisionMAD DIVISION by BAC
15th Sunday – 17:00h

Mad Division was born in Madrid in 2009, with the union of Victor Peral AkA Vikbass (Dj/Producer) and Daniel de Frutos AkA Danny Killah (Singjay/Mc). A little after they decide to incorporate a third member, Nauzet Hernández AkA Squid, who will take care of the music arrangements, vocal production and many of the band vocal collaborations.

It is a project characterized by the fusion of Reggae with Rap and the most avant-garde electronic music, not only on a vocal level but also in the music production.

After auto-editing their first job “Evolution” in 2010, they contact with MAD91 and they start to be a part of the record label. They edit “Reevolution” (2013), “Para mis Dogs” (2014) and “Para mis Lions” (2014). Counting with the collaborations of artists such as Morodo, Afu-Ra, Kultama, JML o Keishal among others.

They have also collaborated in other artist albums like Morodo (Reggae Ambassador) or Shotta (Flowesia and Para mi gente).

Nowadays they are very active in Reggae, working with first class artists and accompanying Shotta in his live performances.

15th Sunday - 18:00

Brother Wildman, Sister MaryJane and MagaLion formed Emeterians in 2004. The vocal trio from Madrid has released an EP, “Babilonia no controlo” (2005); three LPs: “Seeds” (2007), “Change the Mood” (2009) and “Power of Unity” (2011); a mixtape, “Inna Different Style” (2015); and countless singles, all proof of their tireless constancy over more than ten years of experience, sharing stages with international artists such as The Wailers, Max Romeo, Steel Pulse, Clinton Fearon, Winston Reedy (Cimarons), Brinsley Forde (Aswad), Earl 16 and Morodo.

Their musical versatility, persistence, and the unusual fact that they share lead vocals and harmonies, taking on each singer's unique vocal qualities, produces a combination of Roots, Dub, New Roots and Revival Reggae styles; it makes the Emeterians something rare and very authentic at the same time, creating an original Jamaican flavour. They usually perform in a variety of formats including: full band (usually with the Forward Ever Band), sound systems and acoustics.


djramblaDJ RAMBLA
15th Sunday - 19:00h

Dj Rambla, popular Dj of the Catalan scene with many performance all over the country, resident of well-known venue Mama Mandawa and member of Suruma Sound System.

Dj Rambla has been able to make a spot for himself in the cannabis scene for having a strain with his name. In his record bag he has a great variety of exclusive tracks from important reggae artists (General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Morodo among others) naming Dj Rambla and his beloved plant.

He has also won a Cannabis Cup and usually performs at tradeshows, competitions and Cannabis Clubs.

His sets are always active and fun and he focuses on reggae but showing little hints of Rap, Jungle, Balkan or Electro-Swing among other styles.


Domingo 15 a las 19:30h