“A space to transmit the value and authenticity of hemp products.”

Industrial hemp is one of the most versatile natural resources the earth can provide. In addition to the positive ecological impact it can generate in the environment, its multifunctionality is undeniable since it’s a plant which can offer more than 30,000 different derivative products. From textile or food to medicinal or cosmetic, to bio-construction or biofuel, the possibilities of use that the Cannabis Sativa L. plant offers us are almost unlimited.

In this context, and in an attempt to promote the different facets that the cannabis plant offers us beyond the marijuana itself, the Spannabis organization makes available to companies in the industrial hemp sector a Showroom where to give Know their products and/or processes of elaboration.



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Deconstructing cooking, rebuilding traditional cooking

Founded by farmers and hemp producers, this company based in La Alpujarra strongly believes that hemp growing must be ecological. They know very well all the advantages related with hemp in all forms, Cannabisur team dedicates all their effort into producing first quality raw materials that they will use to develop their products. This time they will be showing the process to elaborate vegetable milk, flour and hemp seed oil and they will be teach us how to make butter out of those products.

Show: Demostration
Company: Cannabisur
Date: Friday, October 13rd, 2017, 12:00h.



Green Bear, Biocáñamo: The first 100% craft hemp beer from Madrid 

This Young company “was born out of love”, they develop industrial hemp projects, and elaborate derivates out of the flowers and seeds. Their most recent creation, Green Bear is a craft-beer made from the combination of the best malts, hops and yeasts accompanied by the star ingredient: hemp.

Its base is a Pale Ale, which provides a moderated malt nature. Hemp properties (THC under 0.2% and rich in CBD) are present on the palate, but even more in the tongue where you can appreciate a certain dryness and roughness featured by the plant. It is made for all tastes and with many followers that look for new emotions when having a beer. 

Show: Hemp beer tasting
Company: Biocáñamo
Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017, 17:00h.

Canna Ice

Canna Ice, ¡Best Cannabis Ice Creams!

Canna Ice was created out of the passion for hemp and its numberless health benefits, Canna Ice stands out because of its creativity, innovation and own identity. Their specialties are: ice-creams, cookies, waffles, crepes and donuts with hemp protein. This company with base in Valencia works without intermediaries, supervising the whole elaboration process, from the selection of the raw materials, to the beer-crafting and the customer service.  This year they will participate in Spannabis for the first time, granting the event with a new consumer article, their main product: Hemp Ice-Cream.

Wanna try it out? Come by the showroom at Spannabis, meet the founders and discover the secret!

Show: Hemp ice cream tasting
Company: Canna Ice
Date: Friday 13rd, 18:00h, & Sunday 15th, 17:30h, October 2017

Semillas Cannabisur

How to cook with hemp, a superfood for any type of diet.

If we are thinking about introducing hemp seeds in our regular diet, we should know that it is considered one of the most complete ingredients coming out of a single plant. Two hemp professionals will be explaining the reasons and everyone will be able to try their gourmet creations: Shrimps with hemp, bio hemp croquettes, salmon marinated with hemp… We will also learn how to make hemp pesto and hummus in the easiest and most enjoyable way.  

Delicious, right?  

Show: Showcooking and tasting
Company: Cannabisur and the Galician chef Xulio
Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017, 12:30h

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Cannabeer, Premium craft beer: cannabis body and soul

Cannabeer was born from seeking the best combination of cannabis varieties and the rest of ingredients that make up the recipe. Its making process is made in an artisan way, with the highest quality raw materials, without filtering or pasteurization, with a second fermentation in the bottle to obtain the best result in pressure and maturing. The main objective of the microbrew is to encourage the beer culture in Spain by introducing the cannabis ingredient as the main innovation element and diversifying the existing offer. And What better place to do it than Spannabis Showroom? See you there!

Show: Hemp beer tasting
Company: Cannabeer
Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017, 15:30h

Hemp, sweet hemp
Who said brownie? There are some words that sound better when there is cannabis involved. And even better, when we talk about healthy and tasty ingredients. Learn how to introduce hemp in your bakeries, and grant your desserts with taste and hemp virtues. Fight your munchies like you have never done before. Vegan Brownie, Hemp Bloody Mary, Jamaican tricolor vegan shake…YAH MANN!
Show: Showcooking pastries and tasting
Companies: H2 Healthy Hemp and Cannabisur
Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2017, 15:00h

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H2 Healthy Hemp: Chocolate "Feito en Galicia"
H2Healthy hemp is a young brand dedicated to the sale and purchase of ecological hemp derivatives. They have very clear ideas: “We pretend to recover the interest for a plant that has been known since the beginning of time because of its properties and multiple uses for human being”. They have recently developed a production line formed by these three chocolates, rich in Omega 3 and 6, amino acids and essential fatty acids. The products are made with the best bio raw materials and with the Galician certification of origin “Feito en Galicia”.  
Find out the sweetest and funniest way to consume hemp with H2 Healthy Hemp! 
Show: Hemp chocolate tasting
Company: H2 Healthy Hemp
Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2017, 16:00h

Cànem Bier: hemp flavour, Sierra Nevada freshness

It is said that there is a type of beer for each type of person, on this beer tasting you will find out if you are a lagger fan or an ale one. You won’t have to make up your mind! The beer masters from Cannabisur have created two highly fermented beers, with natural ingredients like the hemp they grow themselves and the pureness of the Sierra Nevada water. We will then have the chance to try a lagger with a semi-dry taste and low in malt or an ale with a closer taste to malt and herbs.

Let’s beer it out!

Show: Hemp beer tasting
Company: Cannabisur
Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017, 13:00h


Natural Cannabis Cosmetic Workshop 

Learn how to obtain the cannabis extracts used in natural cosmetics. Essences, aromatic weed waters and extracts with alcohol and glycerin, ideal to treat muscle and joint pain, the varicose veins and the tired legs from sports or work. The necessary materials are included in the workshop. You will make the balm and the cannabis cosmetic gel yourself!

Show: Workshop
Company: Instituto Europeo de Dermocosmética Cannábica
Date: Friday, October 13rd, 2017
Registration: Closed

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13, 14 y 15 de Octubre. Spannabis Madrid 2017. Pabellón de Cristal (entreplanta)