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Mary Moonlight is one of the first legal cannabis company in Europe. We provide with the best high Cbd flowers, growth with organic products and love. 

In recent years all over the world we have seen a radical change in public opinion about the hemp in Italy has increased dramatically the number of farmers who sow this fabulous plant from the countless industrial and therapeutic uses all know that by now.

We, too, in our small way we want to make a contribution in support of liberalization, enhancing the low-THC hemp, such as biomass, other technical and laboratory use, to be able to study their intrinsic characteristics.


We started our journey as passionate users who saw marijuana concentrates as the future of consumption. Concentrates offered the healthiest, most potent, and most flavorful form of cannabis, providing the very best parts of the plant and discarding the parts that weren't useful. When we began, the only way to consume concentrates were either complicated process', or cheap devices that resulted in compromising the overall experience. We saw this void as opportunity, and our goal became developing hardware that could create the clearest expression of concentrates that were efficient and powerful enough for connoisseurs, and approachable enough for beginners, without compromise.

So, we brought together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco. We staffed an experienced in-house team to meticulously guide every step of the process from ideation to implementation. We designed products that jointed together without the use of glues, fibers, and plastics so that users could taste what they put in, instead of the device itself. The result, was industry leading innovation, and the most awarded consumption products ever in cannabis.

Leaf Life distributes products for Grow Shops since 1999, with its two headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona effectively reaches anywhere in Spain and Portugal. Leaf Life has grown vertiginously in recent years thanks to all our customers, a team of creative professionals dedicated to their customers making them enjoy the best conditions to make their business grow and prosper with us.

Leaf Life puts at your disposal a wide catalog of products that grows every month, a commercial team distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula and an effective logistics. An extensive experience endorses us so that our customers receive the best possible treatment.

Now also to facilitate your orders we put at your disposal an uninterrupted schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday, and a website where you can place your orders at any time. Leaf Life welcomes you, you can count with a team of professionals willing to solve any doubt or problem that may arise and support you with your business.

The Leaf Life team thanks you for the trust placed in us and invites you to meet us in order to advise you without any kind of commitment.





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